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Sponsor Mitey

Sponsor Mitey

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Mental health education has never been more crucial for our children.

✅️Mitey is an evidence-based, school-wide approach to teaching mental health education, which is built around the NZ Curriculum. Targeting NZ children from Years 1-8 Mitey helps them build the necessary and age-appropriate skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to nurture their own emotional well-being and those of others.

Why is Team NZBLUE supporting MITEY:

✅️The last few years have brought increased awareness of the alarming number of children experiencing mental health issues in New Zealand. Teachers know that anxious and unhappy children find it difficult to learn. If children are mentally and emotionally healthy, they are better equipped to face the challenges life brings, and that is our ‘why’ into supporting

With your help, you can help to change the lives of our youth through mental health education.

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