Chapter 2 bikes

Meet our incredible sponsor Chapter 2 bikes🙌

Each Chapter2 project starts with two simple questions: "What problem are we trying to solve?" and "How much fun is this going to be to ride?"

2 of the bikes Team NZBLUE will be using for Race Across America have come from Chapter 2 bikes! Designing awesome frames requires science, engineering and artistry, and a lot of sleepless nights.

Owner Mike is a stickler for detail, taking every curve, swoop and interface into consideration when turning an idea into a finished product, so we know that these bikes will go the distance and make the teams ride as comfortable as possible!

In a market full of ready to go bikes, the Chapter2 way has always been about individualisation and customisation. Their frameset only Business Model allows their customers to work closely with their global network of dealers to build their dream bike exactly the way they want, delivering a truly intimate and unique experience.

Customers won’t have to swap out the wheels or saddle anymore. Building a Chapter2 is a project, with the frameset being the centrepiece to hang all the best parts and components that you have meticulously selected to suit your personal needs.

Thank you so much Mike!🙌

You and your team are helping make our Race Across America dream a reality and changing children’s lives within New Zealand while at it!

For all information on Chapter 2 bikes, please visit their New Zealand distributor here.