Harcourts North West – Diego Traglia

Meet our wonderful sponsor - Diego Traglia from Harcourts North West!

Diego Traglia understands the discipline of what is required to complete RAAM, he too makes time to exercise at least 5 days a week and have time for his family and can also claim he is one of New Zealand’s top real estate sales people.

He’s Harcourts top agent for the northern region, number two for the company in New Zealand and number three internationally. He’s also been voted number one in the country on Rate My Agent and is currently starring in the Bravo reality TV show Rich Listers.

Diego invests a lot of time and energy into marketing because at the end of the day you can be the best negotiator in the world but if nobody knows about you then you won’t get to negotiate many deals and what better way of letting people know what you can do for them than associating with events such as RAAM.

Deigo, we appreciate your support so much! 🌟

You and your team are helping make this dream a reality and change children’s lives within New Zealand!