Harcourts - Team Tina Gao

Meet our wonderful sponsor - Tina Gao

Tina’s world is full of strength of personality, persistence, confidence, enthusiasm, happiness and of course friends. All traits that are admired and wanting when competing in RAAM, so we love the support Tina offers and hope to take a leaf from her book.

The testimonials on Tina’s website are abundant, positive and glowing
Tina has more than two decades of vast experience in sales and marketing management and has unique communication and negotiation techniques.

Her impressive track record of success results from her integrity, professionalism and dedication. Her intimate professional knowledge allows her to offer accurate analysis and customised strategies for different properties. Enjoying the variety of amazing properties that she encounters, Tina believes that every sale deserves to be treated with the same respect.

Tina loves having a career in real estate and is proud to represent the finest in the business, she’s got an excellent team in a supportive environment, and a strong network with numerous high-quality contacts. Tina’s professional commitment and her willingness to go the extra mile will assure anyone of her outstanding support and the best possible results.

When we asked Tina’s team for their ‘why’ behind sponsoring Team NZBLUE, this is what they had to say:

‘’Our “Why” is social responsibility. Tina wanted to support and give back to the community.’’

Tina & team, we appreciate your support so much! 🌟

You and your team are helping make this dream a reality and change children’s lives within New Zealand!