Inspire Foundation

Inspire Foundation

The Inspire Foundation’s key role is to recognise, reward and assist extraordinary young people to achieve excellence in their chosen field and to develop leadership skills that will benefit the community in which they live.

Launched in Marlborough in 2017 the foundation has provided over 75 Grants to some amazing kids and together with our enthusiastic supporters/ ambassadors we provide a platform to showcase, develop and support that amazing talent.

The passion behind the inspiration is to encourage our kids to give back to the communities that support them by inspiring others, being courageous, doing the right thing, putting people first and celebrating life.  The inspiring kids are our future leaders and the ones that show other young people what’s possible.

Our GRIT programme also builds a mindset of setting goals, building resilience, having intent to put strategies in place and never being alone.  Having impartial mentors with the capacity to listen and share experiences is our way of strengthening the mental fortitude of young people in our communities.

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