Meet the Crew!

''You're only as good as your team''

A quote which is certainly true for Team NZBLUE. Not only do the riders need to work day and night and train hard for this challenge; they need to have a strong team to assist along the way. 

The crew will prepare food, wash clothes, do mechanical work on the bikes, help with recovery, help the team recharge, tell shit jokes, keep the peace, entertain when the mood is feeling a little 'blah' and overall capture the adventure as it unfolds!

Let's meet the team:

Ally Mcfarlane

Meet Ally! (The one no one can understand!)

Originally from Scotland, she moved to NZ in 2013 and fell in love with the active outdoor culture. She has worked alongside Ben and the team since the initial chat about RAAM began so for her, it’s an absolute pleasure seeing it all come to fruition. From a background in marketing, photography and video, when she was asked to join Team NZBLUE to capture this adventure, it was a no brainer.

‘’I am so looking forward to this experience, not just to raise money for 5 incredible Kiwi charities but to create some unforgettable memories with a bunch of really awesome people!’’

Connor Simpson

Meet Connor!

Connor joins Team NZBLUE as the youngest member, but with a boat load of impressive skills! Living in Dunedin as a master's student studying international business, Connor will be making the journey North to join the team to assist in documenting the trip as a very talented videographer.

‘’I wanted to join team NZBLUE as I thought my skills would be appreciated and I love working for a great cause’’

Craig Harper

Meet Craig!

Craig is a father of 2 girls, husband, and builder by trade, not to mention a 2019 Solo RAAM finisher. He has enjoyed competitive sports his whole life, from local to international level. He really enjoys the challenge of building a high-performance team, but equally enjoy testing himself as an individual. His younger years taught the importance of commitment and hardwork, whereas his later years have taught how self-belief and perspective are necessary to be content.

‘’I am keen to help the team with race specific advice and be part of the unique relay division of this brutal physical, mental, logistical and geographical challenge.’’

Glen Foster

Meet Glen!

Glen walks the walk when it comes to the fitness industry. With a plethora of experience from club management to group fitness instructing and physio.

Glen has been training hard with the team since day 1 and to be honest, is keeping these old boys on their toes, managing to shred the weight while smashing some huge rides!

As a family man and sports lover, Glen’s specialty is bringing out the best in people and helping them achieve their goals, which has been such an incredible asset when training with the team!


Irene Smith

Meet Irene!

When Blakey told her he'd signed on with his friends to race across America with a goal of raising money to support children in Aotearoa and would she be keen to join - she simply couldn’t resist! Irene believes that this is an inspiring and audacious goal that will impact so many children mentally, physically and socially and that is her why!

‘’I will be supporting the Belgravia Foundation who will use funds raised to support children with low vision or blindness access quality swimming lessons and attend swim camps throughout Aotearoa. Bring it on!!!’’

Kathy Blake

Meet Kathy!

Kathy joins us as the wife of Rider B, (B= Blakey). When it comes to her why, it’s easy as it’s more of a “why not”. When opportunities arise that involve travel, sport and socialising she is a person that puts her hand up. Getting to share this experience with her number 1 mate – Blakey will be such an adventure and she is thrilled by the ‘Epicness’ that this event will provide!

‘’I don’t want to, or feel the need to ride a bike myself for 5000ks in roughly 8 days but being part of a team in support of those who can achieve this feat that motivates me.’’

Mat Tolhurst

Meet Mat!

After spending 20 years as Triathlete, Mat turned his passion for the sport into a career in coaching and teaching the principles of sports science and business management. He has known and worked with members of Team NZBlue team for over 30 years, so supporting Ben and Aaron on this EPIC adventure was a no brainer.

‘’I am currently a McDonalds Franchisee and closely connected to the Ronald McDonald House Charity who will be a beneficiary of the funds raised by the team. I’m looking forward to preparing and support the NZ BLUE team to conquer the challenge that RAAM is and will be.‘’

Peter Yeoman

Meet Pete!

Peter has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is an extremely proficient cyclist with a heap of knowledge. Not only is he a competitive cyclist, a registered personal trainer but he is also a Human Sports Master Trainer. Peter has lectured in Sport and Recreation at Auckland University of Technology, and has developed strength and conditioning programs for many successful elite athletes.

Due to Pete’s love of cycling when he was asked to be part of Team NZBLUE he jumped at the chance.

Simon Foster Moan

Meet Simon!

Simon is a student of life. He has spent the last 10 years working as technician for Team DSM world tour pro cycling team. In his spare time you can find Simon hanging in hammocks in the sun or under the night sky, enjoying a delicious meal or country hopping!

We have also been advised he LOVES vacuuming, so we look forward to his passion for keeping things clean while on the road! Simon is currently unemployed after he chose to step away from the cycling team in order to reconnect as a brother and son to his immediate family here in NZ.

‘’My inspiration behind assisting Team NZBLUE is from my love of bikes, travel, photography but most importantly to make a difference by being the difference’’

Steven Prescott

Meet Steve!

Steve is 68 years young and would describe himself as a family man! He has been married to his lovely wife Fiona for a whopping 48 years, with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. He loves swimming, biking and anything that has an aspect of challenge to it, which he knows RAAM will provide!

‘’I am really looking forward to assisting Team NZBLUE on their on this incredible challenge!’’