FPC (Filtration and Pumping) & Watershed LTD.

Introducing our next incredible sponsor - FPC & Watershed!

"We don't want to be the biggest but we do want to be the best."

Watershed are a group of people who understand property. They deliver projects, look after property assets and we plan how its going to be done in the future. At FPC their portfolio of completed projects ranges from major aquatic venues to maintaining and building much smaller facilities.

The work the teams undertake depends on our clients needs, with many of our clients using the team for multiple services, across different areas of their business. They are experienced in working with and for Local Government, Central Government agencies, schools of all types and of course private companies and individuals.

The work at Watershed covers the length of the country and includes:

Project management
Asset management planning
LTCCP authoring
Providing feasibility studies
Reviews of staff and processes
Staff training
Problem diagnosis, solutions and overall facility evaluations.

Whereas the work at FPC covers:

Gravity sand filters
Pressure sand filters
Pressure Diatomaceous Earth filters
In-line filters
Large Vacuum Diatomaceous Earth filters
Gas Chlorination
pH correction
Hypochlorite generators
Chemical feed pumps for Calcium and Sodium Hypochlorite solution feed
Ozone generation and injection
Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilisation

If you have a property, and you need some decent planning, management or direction, make sure to give these guys a call!

When we asked the team why they have decided to sponsor Team NZBLUE, this is what they had to say:

“At Watershed and FPC we have a focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace, and working in the sport, recreation and education sectors we feel we have a number of values that align with the charities this event supports”.

Thank you so much to the team at Watershed and FPC!

We could not do this without your support!

For further information on how both these companies can help you head to their website.