Meet the 5 Passes Team!

Team NZBLUE 5 Passes Tour 2024 team consists of 4 riders, Ben, Aaron Mark, and Aidan. If you have followed our adventures over the past 2 years then you will certainly recognise a few of these friendly faces!



Ben commits to at least one great adventure every year to challenge his body, mind, and spirit. The importance of staying active is paramount and the competitive spirit is still strong. Ben relishes the opportunity to enter cool events around the world while giving back to the community at the same time. Completing Race Across America in 2023 was just the beginning!




The older he gets, the better he gets despite being defined as an athlete over 35 years ago. After Race across America, Aaron is no longer faced with a rotund physique or slowing mobility while struggling to climb stairs and is focused on using this to give back to his community.

As an ex-competitor swimmer, Aaron is looking to dust off the speedos and complete another challenge by swimming the strait of Gibraltar then hopping back on the bike for the 5 passes tour. Over life is about living without FOMO. He loves the motivation and trepidation that these challenges bring all while raising money for a great foundation that gives so much to the New Zealand community.



Sport and physical activity have always played a key part in Mark’s life & in many ways the major part. He has been lucky enough to work full-time in the aquatics, fitness, wellness, and leisure sectors whilst enjoying a lifetime of participation in many sports including triathlon, running, and cycling.

This year he will not only be swimming the Strait of Gibraltar with his son Sam, but also taking on the challenge of the 5 Passes tour!


Aidan is a father of three working within the busy FMCG industry, meaning a work-life balance is paramount. Being an avid cycling enthusiast since his school days, getting out on the road with some mates has been a core component of maintaining some semblance of mental and physical wellbeing to keep up with his kids.
Having been lucky enough to be introduced to the fitness-mad trio of Ben, Aaron, and Blakey, Aidan counts himself fortunate that they have taken him under their wing to provide an opportunity to support his community and partake in the 5 passes challenge.