Phil's Tour Aotearoa 2022

***27th November, 2022, 10 days in. Over 1,000km completed***

Depression is my Superpower

It is powering me 3,000 kms from Cape Reinga to Bluff, on my bicycle.

This is My Ride 4 Mitey.

Mitey is a program developed by the Sir John Kirwan Foundation which is currently being rolled out in schools around New Zealand. It is a mental health and wellness curriculum that is having a radical impact on schools. Click the video link below for Sir John Kirwan's endorsement and mission. And find out more about Mitey here.

I'm putting myself through this ultimate challenge as a way to keep us talking about depression, and the ways it can be managed, while also raising funds for this awesome program.

There are many ways you can support My Ride 4 Mitey.


    • The stages range in size from 74km (a rest day ;-), to 160km. The ride will start on 17th November 2022 and will take 3-4 weeks. There are some mountain bike single tracks, gravel roads and road stages.See here for details.
    • Or you can just meet me at some stage along the way and buy me a hot meal and cold beer.

    I follow the Tour Aotearoa route as established by the fantastic Kennett brothers. You can find out about that here.


      I am funding this event, so all funds raised go to Mitey. There are a few options such as:

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          About me: My Ride 4 Mitey will be a huge challenge. My love for cycling is strong, but at best I am a weekend warrior. Lots of training and preparation is going into it.

          I have also battled my own depression and know first-hand the impact it can have on you and those around you. While I can successfully manage it today, many cannot, and My Ride 4 Mitey is one way I can help others.

          About Blue Fitness: Believe it or not, My Ride for Mitey is a warm-up for a bigger challenge. In June 2023 I will join three friends in a non-stop relay race across America. More about that on this website. We are seeking sponsors support for that undertaking if you are feeling more adventurous.