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Sponsor Belgravia Aotearoa

Sponsor Belgravia Aotearoa

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Belgravia Foundation Aotearoa has been created to reduce barriers to participation in community sport, aquatic, fitness, recreation and health programs for our most disadvantaged and under-represented groups within the community. Their goal is to help New Zealanders have greater access to the physical activities we cherish as a country.

Belgravia Foundations' purpose and passion is to connect ALL to leisure, recreation, fitness, health, aquatics and community sport so everyone can live healthy and happy lives, so no one misses out.

Part of this initiative is working alongside SwimmingNZ, supporting vision-impaired kids to access learn-to-swim camps. Team NZBLUE’s plan is to raise money for Belgravia Foundation which will use the funding to help SwimmingNZ pay for the delivery costs of these camps, while also assisting to find the instructors.

100% of the funds will go directly into running the camps which will change the lives of these children by giving them further opportunities - we appreciate your help!

Charity Sponsorship

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NZBLUE MultiSport Inc will collect and distribute post event to each charity.

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