RAAM 2023 Cyclists

Phil is a parent, weekend warrior on the bike, and works full time in the property industry. He’s been passionately invested in causes for many years taking a leading role in the property industry, and championing improvements through policy and communications. Through out that he has talked about his challenges with depression, which has been with him most of his life. Like many others he recognises the need to do much more and has openly spoken about his challenges to help others. Phil is undertaking RAAM to help raise money for kids so they can be better be equipped for the challenges ahead.

Ben has been involved in most aspects of the Aquatic, Health and Fitness Industries for over 30 Years, starting from School life followed by a Phys Ed degree and then first major role was with YMCA starting from a Fitness Instructor and Swim Coach progressing through to Executive Director.  For the past 20 years Ben has worked on the supply side of this industry establishing Blue Fitness Ltd on 2002.  He is passionate about Sport and Recreation having completed 5 Ironman Distance Triathlons, representing New Zealand in 1992 at the World Champs.  Nowadays this journeyman is wanting to give back to the community and organisations that have supported him over so many years.

Father of two aged 52; Full time Auctioneer for the last 12 years and residing in Auckland. The older I get, the better I was as an athlete (35years ago). Faced with a rotund physic, slowing mobility while struggling to climb stairs and looking for a way to give back. Bring on RAMM to get back some semblance of physical conditioning, help worthy charities who can make real difference in people’s lives and be the example for my family and work colleagues.

Sport and physical activity has always played a key part in my life-in many ways the major part. I have been lucky enough to work full time in the aquatics, fitness, wellness and leisure sectors whilst I have enjoyed a lifetime of participation in many sports including triathlon, running and cycling. With the Belgravia Foundation we aim to ensure everybody has the ability to enjoy and access the ability to participate in physical activity regardless of disability, culture or economic circumstances. Raising funds for The Belgravia Foundation is a small way of me giving back to an industry and lifestyle that has given me so much. The Belgravia Foundation is an Organisation designed to ensure “Nobody misses out” and I’m proud to Ride Across America to support that very cause.